I recently had a talk with a Euroleague-level coach and a few peers that I had worked with in the past in the NBA and the topic of Leadership popped up. I for one never saw myself as a leader but the more I spoke with this group certain things that they helped me uncover made me realize a few things I wanted to share. A player, coach, manager, or anyone in basketball leading has different forms.

From past till present some of the below traits are commonalities that seriously good basketball teams and organizations hold dear:

  • Chemistry
  • Communication Skills
  • Accountability
  • Toughness
  • Confidence
  • Respect for one another

Leadership the way it should be seen is a constant thing not something that is considerably a one off instance. If and when addressed on a daily basis and reinforced throughout the entire organization without positivity or negative thoughts can be a part of instilling habits that lead to gradual success.

Amazing leaders commonly carry these 3 traits

Being Vocal

Leading by example

Combining both of the above

People follow leaders that:

  • Are trustworthy
  • Are believable
  • Are consistent in terms of putting their words into actions

This past summer I had the distinct pleasure to be around Ettore Messina thanks to Brendan Suhr and Coaching U, I came to realize that at the level of where Coach Messina is currently sharing insights and values the way he has learnt them means that being humble and ever hard working is key. I got to further witness how he worked out one of his players Shavon Shields an amazing specimen of a basketball player that relentlessly carried out a level of practice that Coach Messina ran for him. The above level of trust, consistency and believing in moving towards a unified goal was ever evident.

Something that I see living in the Netherlands and within the local basketball community, there is a level of hunger within players seeking an outlet for their passion towards the game. However there seem to be mis-fired notions of coaching and managing player expectations and being able to appropriately guide players towards the right path. By no means am I or Ubuntu Basketball an ideal to carry out such a mission to carry out such a project however, from within my experience I can point out to a few things.

A common situation I have come to see is how “Shot making” seems to be defining players.

Shot making defining players

I have been lucky to travel the world and see various notions of how leaders in the game really place themselves in situations of hardship and persevere. I strongly think that in order for the level of basketball (both in terms of a player development aspect) as well as a coaching development aspect is to be raised, bringing in people and those that can teach such values and create the level of consistency should be considered.

To a point, in forming and carving out the space of Ubuntu Basketball for all those that have interest in finding out more about it, the whole of the above should ring true. Leadership is vital to resolve and in order to be able to keep it resolute focusing consistency on to it is a must.

“Anything is possible”

Ubuntu Basketball

Ermay Duran

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