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Player Advisory Package (PAP)


1. Initial Assessment and Consultation (Remote):

This is a FREE consultation based on two full game films that you share with us. We’ll discuss your strengths, areas for improvement, and your overall career goals. This will help us tailor a development plan that suits your unique needs.

2. Remote High-Level Basketball Workouts:

Based on the initial assessment, we’ll design individual workouts to improve your physical skills. These workouts will be tailored to your specific needs and will focus on areas that need improvement. We’ll provide these workouts remotely, allowing you to train wherever you are.

3. Remote Mental Basketball Coaching:

As a certified mental basketball coach, I’ll provide guidance to improve your mental toughness, decision-making, and overall game intelligence. This includes using tools like HooperIQ to enhance your decision-making process off the court. All of this will be done remotely, ensuring you can access this coaching wherever you are.

4. Remote Post-Game Analysis and Improvement:

Your games will be under constant analysis, and you’ll receive post-game reports. We’ll set up two video feedback sessions a month to go over your post-game situation and discuss areas for improvement. We’ll share insights and playlists showing how other players in similar situations react on the court, providing you with additional points for improvement.

5. Networking Opportunities:

With a network of over 10,000 basketball business and team professionals, I can introduce you to key individuals when needed. This can open up opportunities for you and provide valuable insights into the basketball industry.

6. Ongoing Support and Guidance:

Throughout the season, I’ll provide ongoing support and guidance. With a maximum client base of 25 players per season, you can be assured of personalized attention and advice.

This comprehensive plan is designed to help you excel in your basketball career. As your mentor and career advisor, I’m committed to helping you reach your full potential. Let’s get started on this exciting journey together.

7. Player Package and Pricing:

The player package includes two video feedback sessions a month, remote workouts, and remote mental coaching. This package costs a monthly retainer fee paid every month upfront. For detailed pricing, please refer to the below-provided pricing table:

PackagePrice/MonthServicesEmail Consultations/MonthZoom Consultation Time/MonthAccess to my personal drill Video Database
Player Advisory€250Initial Assessment, Remote High-Level Workouts, Remote Mental Coaching, Remote Post-Game Analysis, Networking OpportunitiesUnlimited2 Video Feedback SessionsIncluded

There is an initial setup fee of 100 Euros that needs to be paid upon agreeing to terms with myself after the FREE consultation is completed.

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