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3 things I have learned over the last two decades in basketball

This is more of a video share than a written post therefore I wanted to change things up a bit. Check out my perspective on the following. So being a part of various corporate and sports organizations over the last 2 decades I have learned that three things have been vital to me. Intro Video:

Hasip Yigit Guvengil

Yigit Guvengil is an U18 talent from Manisa, Turkey. A very solid guard in the making that is developing the right way with right values. check out this brief intro video on him by Batuhan Ildaş: Here is my deep dive into this young man

Is he the next BIG thing? (Evan Mobley)

He made a bold statement while at the NBA Draft by saying he’d bring it defensively. So far he has not disappointed and is developing. Check out the full-scale insight I have done on Evan Mobley here:

Yunus Mirac Nur – AGGİK

This 2003 born player currently competing in the Turkish BGL, for AGGIK is the top scorer of the league as per 26th of November 2022. Averaging 0.91 PPP across 7 games played. Batuhan Ildaş a youth development coach out of Turkey has compiled the following highlight reel on this player that can be viewed here:…

Transitioning from Classic to Modern Big Men

I follow Euroleague basketball a lot and a part of the process of following so many games and players I see a lot of change. First off let’s definte the two above mentioned positions in the title and get going from there. Both are dubbed or rather mentioned by Eric Stang in his 3rd Ed.…

4 facts on Recruiting & Scouting International talent

Over the last decade more and more talent from Europe has sought out the opportunity to make use their talent to seek out an education in the U.S. Colleges have been sending over coaches to recruit and scout talent and figure out what they can utilize for their programs. With the latest crop of talent…


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