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Basketball Consultant, Workout Specialist, Mental Development (Player + Coaches) Expert for Basketball

Hello, I’m Ermay Duran, a seasoned basketball professional with over two decades of global experience. My specialization lies in player and coach development, where I’ve had the privilege of working with top-tier teams and elite athletes. My approach is holistic, combining vision, strategy, and operational excellence to elevate the game at every level.

  • Basketball Analytics: Leveraging data to make informed decisions is at the heart of my methodology. I excel in basketball analytics, utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques to dissect and interpret critical data. This empowers teams and players to optimize their performance, both on and off the court.
  • Game Psychology: Understanding the mental aspects of basketball is crucial for success. My expertise in the psychology of the game enables me to develop strategies that not only enhance physical skills but also fortify mental resilience.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: In today’s competitive landscape, managing vast arrays of data is imperative. My proficiency in data management ensures that teams and organizations can seamlessly integrate analytics into their decision-making processes.

Having played professionally in Turkey from 1999 to 2003, my understanding of basketball transcends borders. This international experience enriches my consultancy work, allowing me to bring a global perspective to player development and team strategy.

As the driving force in basketball I am all in on Fullfield Basketball. The company offers premier data-driven solutions that equip teams with essential insights and tools. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a customized approach that yields tangible results.

I am a regular contributor to Valley of the Suns, Talkbasket.net under the Fansided network, where I focus on the Phoenix Suns. My analyses and views are a testament to my deep-rooted passion for the sport and my commitment to elevating the discourse around basketball.

  • MSc in International Business Management, University of Liverpool
  • MSc in Marketing, Communications & Sports, University Ca’Foscari
  • Certifications in Basketball Management, Scouting, and Analytics from Sports Management World Wide
  • In progress with a Sports Psychology Doctorate study

I am also actively involved in several academic projects, collaborating with high-level sports psychologists and trainers. This multidisciplinary approach allows me to blend numbers and the mind, further enriching my consultancy services. I also offer a course on Udemy check it out here

I am available for side collaborations and talks worldwide provided I see a win/win/win case.

If you want to chat about special projects or are seeking my professional advice on matters to develop anything, please do not take this harshly but “my time is how I make a living” Please respect this, and if you are nevertheless interested in my hourly rate is 250 Euros per hour, first things first you’d have to follow my consultancy line listed below.

To book a session: complete a flat initial fee of 100 Euros stating in reference your name in reference using this link: https://bunq.me/ubuntu once completed, follow up by contacting me on info@ubuntu.basketball to get my availability. (If you attempt to contact me directly without completing payment or my prior knowledge you will BE BLOCKED AT THE RIM meaning if I block you once you have not shot attempt again, this is my principal of doing business and how I have thrived thus far).

Thank you for visiting my page on Ubuntu Basketball. Let’s elevate the game together.

Ermay Duran

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