3 tips for basketball players to instantly improve through


Hey, I know this game well, so much so that I know a thing or two to be able to pass on.

This in no way is an objective piece of advice and feel free to take away from it however you would like to take it.

Over the last 2 decades of being around players of all levels from U14 to the Pro level I have seen my fair share of player development and there always are patterns that emerge.

So I wanted to take a moment to pass on how to eliminate certain misconceptions to a point but also reinforce what players can and should do better with what they can control.

Tip #1

Take your practices and your training sessions seriously!

There always is a difference between being a hooper versus being a basketball player.

Hoopers usually have a whole load of attitude and ego they fall on and have the feeling that they are the greatest gift given to the game on this planet yet their shortcoming usually emerges when they do not pick up on the fact that they need to adjust and work towards becoming better as a part of a bigger picture.

The phrase “There is no I in Team” but there always is an “I” in WIN however in order to win basketball players sacrifice themselves for the bigger picture.

Therefore training with purpose and training towards an end goal may that be if you are at the start of your season, in the middle, or heading towards the final stretch wherein you are seeking those last few wins that can get you to possible playoffs or a better situation to elevate yourselves, go for it!

Simply said keep your focus in check and make sure that you stay humble while you push yourself.

Tip #2

Take care that you recover well!

See a lot of basketball players think that they take care of their bodies well enough, yet most suffer from being either injury prone or the more evident fact that they workout well.

Any basketball player that wants to be one of the best needs to understand that not just rest but sleep is a serious weapon that can change the way you perform day in day out.

Its sounds like its an easy thing to do but let’s be honest, school, work (9 to 5) or even shifts you might be working to make ends meet these all effect the level of endurance the body goes through.

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Having worked with and still do by the way with some elite-level athletes one thing that we do on a monthly basis while going through their sessions I provide to them is Q&A-based feedback and go through how well they really are sleeping in order to recover on a daily basis.

Tip #3

Last but definitely not least a bit of insight for any basketball player that is aiming to make it to the next level, “1000 shots a day” make you a good player but “1500 shots a day” take you to be elite level.

Again for players that are seeking to make it to playing pro level or getting out of youth development and are seeking the opportunity to places where they can showcase their skills being consistent is important. Again environmental situations might prevent you from getting to a level of consistency you might need or want to get. Doing all you can as a player is a part of the struggle always. Shooting the ball in our game is a skill that any player playing close to the rim or behind the three-point line needs to work on day in and day out. For those of you that want to see how players at the highest level really play with consistent practice check this video out!

Ermay Duran

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