I wrote this around the 2019 NBA Draft literally days away, I thought it was a good idea to share some insight on what it takes to watch out for in draft scouting. I have to give props to one guy in perticular has he really made me think of it, Emre Vatansever, of the Chicago Sky (WNBA) coaching staff.

This piece is not a way to look at the proverbial mock drafts or how to read into the words of the few experts that give you bite sized insight on NBA Draft entrees. There are tons of SWOT analysis pages and insight articles that deal with that stuff.

Frankly, my aim in writing this up was to go a different route all together. Without it being too well covered, there really are a set of rules that can be utilized to evaluate talent that will impact the league for years to come. What better time to go over them at this point.

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